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Welcome to Twisted Erotic, the one place to explore the dark, musty corner of fanfiction, smelling particularly like cabbage, and brought to you by Live Journal celebrities pilar_sama, and henrika_amanda.

Until we get some decent bio up for the community, you might notice the fanfiction here is rather odd. Most all of it is the basis for a freakish little game called Guess the Story.

Invented by pilar_sama (throw all tomatoes at her; they are attracted to her), the game has some simple rules:

+ It is a game originated in and played through instant messenger programs. E-mailing makes it too long and tedious, without any sort of real creative interaction between players.
+ One player thinks up the fandom for the game.
+ The next player thinks up the genre (tragedy, romance, smut, horror, humor, etc.)
+ Then the subject is decided upon (a concept, a noun, anything)
+ Following is a story created by the players taking turns writing segments. We've narrowed the length down to at least one sentence to at the most a few paragraphs. Whichever suits our creative process.

This game is encouraged to be played by others when you just don't know what to write about. However, this community that you look at currently will involve postings by pilar_sama and henrika_amanda alone. Sorry.

Feel free to comment if you have anything to say, or suggest. We love getting comments and suggestions... and long as they're not pretentious or insulting (because we're here to have fun as well, boyos). Don't hesitate to join so that you can watch all of our whacky, sensuous, dirty, silly, and cabbage-reeking escapades.

Your Evil (yet compassionate) Leaders,
henrika_amanda and pilar_sama.