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Guess the Story Game

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August 21st, 2006

pilar_sama @ 03:34 pm: Episode 6 - Viktor's Adventures in Reproduction
We haven't updated recently and yet we're done almost 35 games now. Merp.

Additionally, the stories just keep getting longer, so we're going to have to start posting the stories in parts. The following shall be a two parter. Soon these will become EPICS! HOORAY!

Game 6 - Mpreg. Again.

Fandom: Underworld
Theme: Male pregnancy
Subject: Humor
Rating: R for the squick. And the fact that Vik' is an angry potty-mouth.
Summary: Viktor realizes in horror why it would have been a good idea to stay on top when boiking the first vampire in existence.

Amanda's Thoughts: This story is not quite as silly as the last mpreg, but it does contain quite a bit of dry humor. We enjoyed it so much that we wrote several games following in this storyline. Stay tuned for a follow-up as to what's going on a year after this story.

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June 10th, 2006

pilar_sama @ 02:13 pm: Episodes 3-5 - Trilogy of Terror
Ladies and Gentlemen, Twisted_Erotic theatre shamelessly presents.... A Trilogy of TERROR.

Well... that's just what I call it. Three varied stories involving Lucian and Singe. Sometimes serious, one rather silly. But all the same, part of the guess the story games.

Game 3 - 16th Century Painting

Game 4 - Rubber Ball Gag

And finally, the most feared of all, the mpreg fic.

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April 25th, 2006

henrika_amanda @ 02:41 am: Game 2 - The Kangaroo

Game 2 - The Kangaroo

Fandom: Underworld

Theme: Comedy/Parody

Subject: A kangaroo

Rating: R for sexual situations and crude humour

Summary: Something large an mysterious is spotted outside the Ordoghaz gates, and mayhem ensues when Kraven is sent out to investigate it...

Henrikas's thoughts: The second game pretty much continued in the spirit of the first one, and some pretty outrageous content can be found here too. Not until game 3 did we pull ourselves together for something a bit more... serious :)

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March 28th, 2006

pilar_sama @ 11:59 am: Episode 1 - The Phantom Penis
I couldn't resist that entry subject. Sorry.

Game 1 – The Vibrator


Fandom: Underworld

Theme: Comedy

Subject: A glowing vibrator


Summary: It’s thrills, chills, and bad indigestion for Kraven when the power goes out and he discovers one of Viktor’s very personal possessions.

Rating: R for sexual situations and crude humor

Tune in next time for another comedy starring the whacky Underworld gang... and a kangaroo.

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March 9th, 2006

pilar_sama @ 03:37 pm: Introduction

We started this place today.


Things you will eventually find here:

++ Fanfics. Of course.
++ Fanart... depending on if it's too explicit or not. Photobucket is cheeky like that.
++ Possibly modly bios. They're... kind of funny.

Join! Join, I command thee!!


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