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pilar_sama @ 03:34 pm: Episode 6 - Viktor's Adventures in Reproduction
We haven't updated recently and yet we're done almost 35 games now. Merp.

Additionally, the stories just keep getting longer, so we're going to have to start posting the stories in parts. The following shall be a two parter. Soon these will become EPICS! HOORAY!

Game 6 - Mpreg. Again.

Fandom: Underworld
Theme: Male pregnancy
Subject: Humor
Rating: R for the squick. And the fact that Vik' is an angry potty-mouth.
Summary: Viktor realizes in horror why it would have been a good idea to stay on top when boiking the first vampire in existence.

Amanda's Thoughts: This story is not quite as silly as the last mpreg, but it does contain quite a bit of dry humor. We enjoyed it so much that we wrote several games following in this storyline. Stay tuned for a follow-up as to what's going on a year after this story.

Kraven awoke to a particularly empty half of the bed. At first he wondered where his master was, but then heard him in the toilet. The toilet was where Viktor was spending a lot of his waking hours lately.

When ten minutes passed, and Viktor had still not come out of the toilet, Kraven decided it was best to go check on him. And there his master lay on the floor, leaned over the toilet seat. Apparently he'd just sicked up yesterday's supper.


"Really, Viktor, if I may say... you should get down to the infirmary and have some test taken... this has been going on for two weeks now."


"Piss off," the Elder snapped and he trudged out the room, clearly off balance. He almost knocked into several other vampires as he made his way through the hallways. Whatever this illness was, he would have it dealt with soon enough.


Kraven's suggestion made sense, though: just in case, he'd visit the Orgodhaz healer. It could be he'd gotten some stubborn bug into his system that even his vampiric immune system couldn't cure.


"Let's make this quick!" he hissed at the healer when he was asked to lie on the examination table.


The healer had taken a blood sample to see how deep the illness really ran. Going through a few tests, he noticed something peculiar. Something he saw only in... females? Noooo, that couldn't be right. But suddenly he was buzzing around the room, making further tests, which annoyed and worried Viktor to no end.


"What is it?" he finally snapped. "Is there something wrong with me or not?" The healer swallowed, clearly nervous about giving Viktor the news of his discovery.


"Well... I need to run more test to be sure... but it would help if you could answer some more questions, m'Lord?"


The Elder sighed. "Whatever..."


"Have you, erm, experienced weight gain recently...?"


Well, that was awfully personal. "And if I have...?"


The healer massaged his forehead and eyes, as though not able to believe what he was about to say himself.


"Anything else unusual? Raised body temperature, tender chest, frequent urination, cramping in the abdomen?"


Viktor's frown deepened. The answer was basically "yes" on every question... more or less. "So, do you know what's bothering me then?"


"I can't be sure yet, but..."


"Tell me!" The Elder made sure to make it sound like an order, not a request.


"You're not gonna like this, m'Lord..."


"For fuck's sake, spit it out!" Now Viktor's patience was seriously running out.


"M'Lord... all my tests indicate that you are...” a gulp, and then, “... pregnant."


Viktor's brain went numb momentarily. "W-w-what?" He finally asked, confused, and indignant.


"All the tests indicate you are with child, m'lord." The healer felt incredibly small now, especially as Viktor stood and approached him.


"Why don't we... keep this information to ourselves... while I get a second opinion."


The healer nodded. After a few seconds of silence, Viktor... just left. The healer promptly fainted.


//But... I can't be with child! I am a man!// Viktor thought as he left with infirmary with quick steps. True, the signs were there now that he thought about it... weight gain, tender nipples, abdominal cramps, nausea... But...? PREGNANT?! That couldn't be! How was it even possible?? Even though he indeed fucked other men, he was always on top... as frivolous as his thoughts sounded now...

He was always on top! Always!


Except... mother night... except... He looked up from his glance at the floor and saw Marcus having a drink in the drawing room.


That smug fuck!!


Viktor throw himself at his fellow Elder like a missile, knocking the surprised redhead to the floor.


"You fucking bastard!" he yelled straight in Marcus' face as he kept pounding him against the carpet. "Have you ANY idea what you've done?!"


Marcus finally managed to wrestle the raging wild beast off him and rubbed his aching head with a grimace. "Well, at least YOU haven't changed, my brother!"


"Come here!" Viktor growled, dragging Marcus away from the confused fellow coven members. Taking him back to his own bedchambers, Viktor faced the other man.


"Do you remember the last thing we did before I went into hibernation?"


Marcus smirked. He could remember it quite well.


"Of course I remember, Viktor. Just because I'm the oldest doesn't make me senile. I think we had a really great time..." To prove his point, Marcus reached to give Viktor's behind an affectionate pat, being too self-absorbed to notice the growl made by the other man. "You don't quite LOOK the same, though... Have you gained some weight? My, my, Vikkie... Have you gotten careless lately?"


Viktor growled more loudly and shoved Marcus on his bed, which made the redhead think back on other things.


"Haven't done this in a while, darling," he snickered.


"Could you please be serious for once, you half-wit!! Think back on what happened! What you did to me! Do you have any idea, what happened?!"


Marcus stared, completely lost now.


"What I did to you...? The most incredible orgasm ever? Or was that fake?" he winked playfully at Viktor but decided it was best to stay serious when he saw the other man's expression.


"No, you ass! Think harder!"


But no matter how hard Marcus strained his brain, he could not think of any negative consequences their romp could have brought to Viktor.


"I don't have syphilis, if that's what you have got now!"


Viktor put a hand over his face, frustrated and annoyed. "You can be a rather stupid git sometimes, you know that?"


Marcus stood and approached, about to hug the man and try to amuse him out of his mood. "Oh, what's the matter Viktor, darling?"


"Don't you darling me, DARLING!" Viktor snapped and fought away. "I never should have let you be on top!"


Marcus' look was of true clueless-ness. "Is that all?"


"No, that certainly isn't all!" Viktor shouted. "I was just down by the infirmary. I've been feeling down for a while, so I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong, and the healer told me..."


"It was nothing... serious, was it?" Marcus asked, suddenly concerned. Viktor could be a real prick, but he was still very dear to Marcus, despite everything.


"Apparently, I'm going to have your child!"


Viktor groaned as the younger looking man toppled on the bed, laughing his ass off. "Who put you up to this??" He snorted, rolling around. "Oh, lovey, you can be so clever sometimes! You had me going for a moment!"


"Marcus, it's not a joke!" he called out, but his voice was drowned by the other's roaring laughter.

Viktor tried a few more times, but it was no use; Marcus was still writhing and snorting on the bed as though he was having a brain seizure. Finally Viktor's patience ran dry and he jerked up his fellow Elder and slapped him across the face three times.


"HEAR ME - IT IS NOT A JOKE!" he cried.


Marcus squinted, his face severely smarting from the assault, and he peered at the livid countenance inches from his.


"Alright, alright..." he surrendered. "But how do you know?"


"I was feeling ill and visited the healer. The only way I can figure this possible is that something happened when YOU were fucking ME."


Marcus stared as he was put back down. "So... you are indeed with child?"


Viktor sighed, shaking his head. Apparently, Marcus indeed had a thick skull. "Yes, all the evidence points to that," he said over-explicitly.


"Damn..." the redhead murmured, taking a while to process the news. Then he lit up again. "Have you thought about names?" he asked.


"I'm not keeping this parasite!" Viktor said, his voice uncharacteristically high. "How would you feel if I had planted my seed in you?!"


Marcus thought for a moment. "I might be shocked at first... but I think I'd keep it. Never been pregnant before."


"Indeed," Viktor said, seething in anger and irritancy. "I don't care what you say... I'm not keeping this... thing."


"THING?!" Marcus repeated with offence. "It is my child you're talking about! And yours too, for that matter. But by all means, get rid of your offspring. History tends to repeat itself, it seems."


"HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?!" Viktor howled and bodily attacked Marcus again. They both landed on the floor with a resounding "thunk".


"Calm down, you may hurt the baby!" Marcus whined.


"I don't WANT IT!!" Viktor screamed.


"I DO!!" Marcus countered, and he flipped the man over, his hybrid strength overpowering the elder. Viktor's head hit the floor and he was out cold. Marcus put a hand to his mouth, as he hadn't meant to be that strong. Hmmm... suddenly, he had an idea. He did want the baby, and knew Viktor would try to abort it. Opening the man's mouth, Marcus bit into his own wrist and held it over the man’s parted lips.


Viktor was awakened by something warm and wet dripping onto his face, into his mouth... Opening his eyes, he could see Marcus leaned over him, and the dripping fluid...


"AAAAHHHHHH!!" Viktor sat up with a jerk, wiping his face and trying to spit out as much of the soiled blood as he could.  "What the fuck are you doing?! Are you going to make me a double freak?!"


"Too late, lovey," Marcus quipped, leaning against the wall. "You were a freak long before I first fucked you. Either way, you needn't worry. You won't become a hybrid. Someone else will though."


Viktor's eyes were round as saucers when he turned and looked at Marcus. Fortunately, the redhead was there to catch him as he fainted.


"This is just great..." Marcus sighed as he caught Viktor and carried him to the bed. He would have this baby... even if it meant Marcus had to tie him to the bed for the rest of the pregnancy.


Several hours later, when Viktor awoke, he felt thoroughly nauseated.


"Marcus, you prick... you knocked me down..." he said accusingly.


"No need for that," the redhead replied from the bedside. "You did a pretty good job yourself."


The next few weeks were trying to say the least. Marcus caught Viktor trying in vain to abort the now hybrid fetus countless times. Due to his efforts, the whole coven had found out about Viktor's condition in no time. Marcus watched as the healer pulled an arrow out of Viktor's stomach.


"What's next, Viktor?" Marcus asked, part amused, part irritated. "Stick a pair of pliers into Kraven's hand and ask him to pull the baby out of your arse?"


Viktor just shot his fellow Elder another murderous glance. His stomach was seriously growing now... and he felt more sick than ever.


"Uh, uh... moping won't do any good," Marcus continued, sounding upbeat again. "We really should start thinking about names..."


"Name it after yourself," Viktor answered grudgingly. "Then everyone will know what idiot caused this."


"Why so harsh, Viktor?" the redhead asked, irate. "... surely this isn't just vanit-- oh dear! It IS, isn't it?!" He fucking knew it! "I know you so well, Vikky."


"You're miffed because you're getting pudgy, aren't you?" The obvious truth made Marcus howl with laughter. "Oh dear god... You really are something special, do you know that?"


"Well, how would YOU feel if your stomach was growing to the size of a basket ball?" Viktor growled.

"I actually like you this way. You look better with some more weight instead of being just a bag of bones."


"Hate to give the news, but you have another five months of this to go, darling," Marcus gazed off dreamily. Viktor sat up, staring at his stomach, without words.


"I... I..." he began. Marcus stared, concerned. "What will you think of me?" The elder asked, glancing at his hybrid lover. "What will you think when I truly... change?"


"You mean when your belly grows?" Marcus said, having decoded the true question. "Well..." A sly smile formed on his face. "When I think about it, I actually find it kinda sexy..."


Viktor grunted in annoyance, waving his hand in dismissal as he rose from the table. "Please... don't try to amuse me now."


"Truly!" Marcus responded. "This is my child too, as much as you hate to admit it, and I can't wait to see how big and healthy it becomes." Viktor glanced at him; although he didn't want to say it, this made him feel slightly better. Only slightly.


Viktor left the infirmary and Marcus and headed for his own personal quarters. He needed some time for himself, without anyone telling him what he could and could not do. Another five months... how could he survive that?


As soon as Viktor stepped into his dark bedchamber, he sensed something was wrong. Then a blunt, hard object hit him in the head, and he fell to the floor, dazed.


"SLUT!" He heard someone shriek above him. Oh damn it... Kraven.


"How could you?!?!" the regent screamed, holding a candlestick. "I thought you loved me, I thought you CARED!!"


Frankly, Viktor had no time for this, but Kraven obviously did. He vengefully brought the candlestick down on the elder...


"Well, guess, what, I didn't exactly ASK for this!" Viktor growled when the candlestick hit him across the temple a second time. "If you could help me remove this... parasite from my body, I might even look upon you in higher regard... for a few seconds!" Viktor pointed at his stomach. "Hit me here... as hard as you can!"


Kraven hesitated... the elder was actually letting him?? This had to be some sort of trick.


"DO IT!!"


Impulsively, he did as he was told. Viktor exhaled sharply as the wind was knocked out of him. He didn't get his fair share of blows when Marcus came up behind Kraven and threw him out the nearby window. He sneered, guessing daybreak to be about fifteen minutes away. Kraven was in for a hell of a headache.


"OK, that's it!" Marcus yelled, now genuinely pissed off. "I'm going to have to take measures to ensure the safely of my child, Viktor... even if it means... locking you up."


With that, the hybrid Elder threw a shocked but struggling Viktor over his shoulder and took him to the holding cells, dumped him in one of them and left. The only piece of furniture available was a small bed and a chair. Viktor began to scream.


"Where's Viktor?" Soren asked as he saw Marcus pass.


"He's in a holding cell for bad behavior."


"Alright... where's Kraven?"




Soren lost what color he had left and went running for the door. Three hours later, Marcus returned the cell to find Viktor sitting on his bed, looking miserable.


"Alright, brother dearest... Do I have to keep you here, or have you decided to mature and accept the situation?" Marcus asked without the usual cheerfulness in his voice.


"You can't treat me like this... you just... can't!" Viktor snipped sullenly, refusing to look up at Marcus. "It's my body; don't I get to decide what grows in it?"


"I suppose so," Marcus responded. "I just think you need more time to see what you might be missing out on." He went to touch Viktor's face, but he dodged the hand.


"Stop. I'm hideous."


"What can I do to convince you otherwise?" He knelt down and put a hand to Viktor's chin.


"You can let me abort this monstrosity growing in my belly!" Viktor retorted sharply.


"Five more months, Viktor... you've lived for 14 centuries. What difference will a few more months do? Do you think you can do it? For me? I gave you life, Viktor... I think you owe me something back," Marcus said.


Viktor pondered the situation. He suddenly had an idea. He would flee the mansion and Marcus. That was the only way to get rid of this... parasite. "Alright... I'll behave."


Mother night, he hated that stupid grin on Marcus' face.


One week later, Viktor slipped something in Marcus' drink and took off after having sex with him and leaving him shagged out. Viktor made it to the bars of the mansion gates when he hesitated.


Just leave, he told himself. Just leave, curse it!! But he couldn't will his legs to move. Suddenly he felt something, deep within.


He had to lean against the bars for the few seconds while waiting for the feeling to pass. Were those... contractions? Could that mean he was having a miscarriage? The thought filled Viktor with joy for a moment before he realized he had no idea *where* the thing would come out. Either way, he was leaving. Forcing himself past the gates, he limped into the night...

To be continued... oh crap

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