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pilar_sama @ 02:13 pm: Episodes 3-5 - Trilogy of Terror
Ladies and Gentlemen, Twisted_Erotic theatre shamelessly presents.... A Trilogy of TERROR.

Well... that's just what I call it. Three varied stories involving Lucian and Singe. Sometimes serious, one rather silly. But all the same, part of the guess the story games.

Game 3 - 16th Century Painting

Game 4 - Rubber Ball Gag

And finally, the most feared of all, the mpreg fic.

Game 5: MPREG
Fandom: Underworld
Theme: Drama, Humor
Subject: male pregnancy
Summary: Incredibly annoyed and miserably pregnant, Singe's spat with Lucian leads to a chance encounter with Kraven.

                "Lucian!" Singe growled for the umpteenth time. "Damn it, you know I can hardly move, so the least you can do is bring me something cold to drink!" His belly was bloated and awfully heavy by now. This did not make things easier for the scientist, especially as it was mid-summer and suffocatingly hot in the Lycan lair. Lucian was too busy doing other things which mattered more to him... such as napping.

                "Do it yourself."

                Singe however, was not pleased with the response. He hadn't had any decent sleep either, what with a baby which enjoyed practicing gymnastics whenever the scientist wanted sleep.

                "It's your baby too... probably!" Singe snapped angrily and poked Lucian hard in the side. "If I die of dehydration, the pup goes too!"

                "Ow!" Singe clearly knew Lucian's kidneys were located. It hurt like a motherfucker.

                "Fine! Fine!" He yelled. "I'll get you something to fucking drink! Happy now?!"

                The Lycan leader bounced up and dashed into the adjacent bathroom. They were out of cold beer and lemonade, so that just left water. Aggravated as he was, Lucian almost considered giving Singe water from the toilet seat. His whiny lover wouldn't notice the difference anyway! When he came back, he narrowly dodged a knife which hit the wall behind him.

                "What in heaven's name..."

                Oh damn. Singe had another knife in his hand. He looked rather offended.

                "You bastard!" Singe shouted. "Don't you think I saw what you were up to?! Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm blind or deaf! On second thought, keep your water! I'm getting out of here!" The Lycan scientist struggled to his feet, unsteady at first, and headed for the door fully nude. Not like he cared, though. As long as he got out of this wretched hell hole and away from Lucian! At first, Lucian stood there, dumbfounded, watching Singe get dressed awkwardly and then shove past him for the way out. Then he was mad.

                "Fine!" he yelled at nobody. "Go ahead and leave! What do I care?!"

                Lucian watched as Singe opened the door, and acted on impulse. Throwing the water onto his lover, he cried out, "Here's your refreshment, bitch!"

                What seemed like eternity went by as they stood there. If Pierce had been present, he would've said, "OH, SNAP!" Singe, dripping wet, looked shocked and about to cry. Instead, he turned and stormed out. That hurt the leader more than a knife, most certainly. Lucian hurried from the room to catch up, but Singe was gone. He could move fast sometimes for being nine months along.

                Singe stormed out, dazed with anger and sadness, ignoring every Lycan who stared at him in wonder. Once he got out, he sought himself to a park. It was nighttime, so it was almost deserted. There, in the shadow of a large oak tree, he finally began to cry.

                Meanwhile... Kraven was enjoying an evening walk in the city. He was busy admiring his reflection in one of the park fountains when he heard the sobs of someone familiar. Turning a corner, he saw Singe resting against a tree and weeping. Wow, the vampire thought, and I thought I had weight problems... No other Lycans seemed to lurk nearby, and Kraven approached Lucian's weeping pet with great confidence. Singe was pretty much harmless, anyway.

                "What's the matter, Singe? Lucian dumped you for someone slimmer?" He even bent down to give Singe’s prominent poodge a friendly tap.

                Kraven had no time to think. He was thrown into the fountain he had been gazing into moments before. Mortified (as his clothes were all dry-clean only and his hair was now ruined), he staggered to get away when he saw Singe standing at the edge. He could hardly believe the terrified squeak he made as he tripped in the water.

                "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" Kraven growled as he, soaked to the bone, made his way out of the fountain. "Have you any idea what these clothes cost, you filthy bum? And anyway, I was just trying to be nice... what's wrong with you, anyway? That time of the month?" he taunted.

                "If that's your idea of nice," Singe shouted, "here's my idea of grateful!" He punched Kraven, sending him back into the fountain. By the time Kraven got back up, he hesitated, seeing the scientist sitting at the edge, turned away, but obviously sobbing. The vampire had another snide remark on his tongue but held it back. He did not want to be thrown in a third time. Instead *maybe* he should try to help the poor sobbing creature? Singe was obviously upset for real.

                "You know, Singe...  There's no need to panic. I know a really great gym... and it's cheap, too. I think even a bum... eh, someone less wealthy as you could afford a year card..."

                Amidst the sobbing, Kraven suddenly heard Singe weep out "You... thick... fu-u-uckkkk..."

                Good grief. "This is nothing to cry over, and certainly nothing to insult me over. It's just... a... *little* weight." Kraven studied Singe's huddled frame very closely. Strange as it was, all the scientist's excess weight seemed to have gathered in his... belly? He couldn't figure out how Singe had managed that.

                "Man... how did you end up like that, if I may ask? You almost look... pregnant!" Then he laughed at his own stupid saying.

                This time, he dodged the punch. Only at the very last second though. Kraven watched as Singe lost his balance and fell from his seat and into the fountain from the failed punch. Kraven laughed for a moment but watched as the scientist struggled to get up off his back. If someone didn't help him he might drown.

                Decisions, decisions...

                The poor thing looked like a beetle! For someone who'd thrown him headfirst into the water only a minute ago, Singe looked awfully clumsy and helpless now.

                "Ahhh, for fuck's sake..." Kraven reached down and got a hold of Singe's ankle and pulled him back up from the water. "I can't let you drown before I've heard your story!" he grinned.

                "Leave me alone!" Singe shouted, swatting at him. The regent had never ever seen Singe swat at someone before. At least not like that. Finally, Singe opened up to him after a minute of silence.

                "He doesn't love me!" He sobbed.

                Kraven rolled his eyes. "Yes, I think we've established that part."

                "I'm never going back to Lucian's filthy den! Never!"

                Kraven rolled his eyes again. "Did he find someone new? Yeah, that's harsh... I know the feeling... Viktor used to love me... long ago... until he found that bitch Selene, I was his pet... However, it's not because I gained weight," he quickly added. "I did that only after... well... never mind. But what's going on with that poodge of yours? I never figured you'd be the type to get fat… stop smacking me!" Kraven snapped as a hand hit him in the face.

                "Well, I'm NOT FAT!!" Singe screamed in response. "You wouldn't believe me anyway! And if you did, you would laugh at me!!"

                "Oh come on," Kraven asked, curiosity burning. "I won't laugh... what's the matter?"

                "OK, fine!" Singe cried out. "I'm having a baby! I'm nine months pregnant! Are you happy now, you dumb, selfish prick for a vampire?!"

                The scientist watched as Kraven's face slowly elongated and his chin almost hit the ground.



                Kraven's face twitched. He was desperate not to get thrown in the fountain again and cleared his throat, but this didn't help. As he covered his face, choking on laughter, he braced himself. But he wasn't punched or even slapped. Singe just continued crying, which made the vampire shut up. If only the vampire could find a way to get the hell away from this without getting his ass kicked.

                "But... you're a guy!" he finally exclaimed, still not quite trusting his own ears. When Singe shot him another "no shit" look, he finally went serious. "Alright, who's the father...? I mean, you weren't abducted by aliens or anything... were you?"

                "It's Lucian's..." Singe answered hesitantly. "or at least I think it is."

                "Ah," Kraven looked away, still slightly in disbelief. What a story this would make for the coven once he got home...

                "So... you guys had a fight?" He asked and Singe nodded. "Pretty bad I gather..." Another nod. They sat for a moment.

                "...You want a drink?" Kraven finally asked. "Because I want a drink."

                Now Singe shook his head. "I'm pregnant..." he whispered. "No drinking."

                Kraven just stared for a moment but then nodded. "Okay... makes sense... So... what are you gonna do now? You haven't got anywhere to go, have you?"

                Singe covered his face with his hands.

                "Alright, alright, sorry," Kraven apologized. For some odd reason, he was feeling bad for making the lycan upset. Probably because he pitied him. Couldn't just leave the poor sap crying in the middle of the park.

                "Well, come with me anyway. You talk, I'll drink."

                Singe thought for a moment. Could be worse. "Alright."

                The odd pair made their way to a local restaurant and Kraven ordered himself a double scotch. Singe settled for a glass of cold orange juice. Kraven almost wished he could take the Lycan back to the mansion with him. It's been long since he had a pet, and Singe might prove to be valuable for scientific research, as well. What Viktor would say, he did not know...

                Singe remained quiet as Kraven spoke loud enough for the both of them.

                "So I'm banging this bitch, right??" The regent continued, slightly drunk. "And she sees that I have fangs and she's like, 'are you one of those cult people??'" He burst out laughing. Singe stared at him for a moment.

                Meanwhile, Lucian was out tracking his lost lover. He sniffed around at the park while Raze watched him.

                "You know this is your fault, right?" The big man asked his leader.

                "As if I could forget!" Lucian replied sullenly. "Can you catch his scent?"

                Raze sniffed the air. "I can... but it's faint. He might have been here a while ago, but he's not here now."

                Blast it! Then Lucian suddenly caught another, very familiar scent. KRAVEN! A low growl escaped the Lycan leader's throat. If Kraven had done something to his lover, he would pay for it!

                "Oooh, a fountain," Raze said, but he was pulled away as Lucian began to leave.

                "Come on," the leader growled.

                "You should be our mad scientist!" Kraven stated as they left the restaurant. "Seriously! You already know what makes lycans tick!"

                "That's because I am one," Singe replied, annoyed. "And I don't think I'd enjoy myself there..."

                "Oh, come oooonnnnnn." Kraven was very silly when drunk.

                "What, so you can show everybody what a freak I am?" Singe called out, now really upset. Why was everyone treating him like crap, everywhere?! "Fuck you, Kraven! If you ever come near me again, I will smash your thick skull against the curb!" Then he ran away from the drunken Vampire as quickly as his physique let him. However, he knocked into someone as he avoided Kraven. It was Lucian.

                "Liebchen!" the man exclaimed. "Are you al--"

                "Get away from me!" Singe cried, turning away and almost bumping into Raze. "None of you assholes care about me!"

                "I liked that fountain," Raze said to himself as his mind wandered. His thoughts were interrupted by a voice.

                "Hey, a wolf pack!" Kraven yelled drunkenly.

                "Singe, you're not thinking clearly," Lucian said firmly and grabbed his lover, who tried to escape again. Singe struggled and Lucian tried to restrain him without risking harm to the baby. Finally he saw no other choice except knocking Singe unconscious and throwing him over his shoulder. Then he heard Kraven's voice amidst all!

                "Raze, catch him!" he yelled to his second.

                "Wait, wait, wait!" Kraven said as Raze approached. The lycan paused, only to see Kraven turn and run away. He didn't get very far, as he slipped and fell.

                "My shirt!" he yelled as he went down.

                Lucian hefted his heavy lover as they came near Kraven.

                "It's all your fault, ya brute!" the regent said. "He told me all about how kind and loving you are! You're disgustipating!!" And then he passed out, too drunk to say more. Raze grabbed the passed out Vampire by the neck and hauled him up. Kraven looked boozed, to say the least.

                "Umm... now what?" Raze asked, moving his gaze between Lucian and the Coven regent.

                "Ah, leave him," Lucian said. "We have more important things to deal with..."

                "Okay." Raze dropped Kraven and started following his leader to where their car was parked. Singe remained unconscious for now. They turned as Kraven woke up for one moment, just to say, "Toot-sweet!" and then he passed out again. Soren would certainly need some explaining when he found the regent face down, still wet, and absolutely shit-faced... but that was not their problem. Kraven would have to deal with his own fuck-ups. Lucian prayed that Singe would remain passed out during the drive back to the lair, and for once, his wish seemed to be granted. Once he'd taken his pregnant lover back to their joint bedroom, he placed Singe on the bed and waited for him to wake up. Lucian feared he would not be happy once he revived...

                Singe finally woke up. It didn't take him long to realized he'd been knocked out. He didn't speak to the man who sat there before him for a while. Finally he said, "Help me sit up."

                Lucian put his hand behind Singe's back and carefully eased his very pregnant lover into a sitting position. He was really immensely happy - and lucky - to have gotten Singe back in one piece. The mere thought of Kraven taking Singe to the mansion to be used as a lab rat was abominable.

                "Look... I'm sorry... for everything," he finally said.

                Singe glared, refusing to look at him. He was still apparently steamed from his little adventure, as well as what Lucian had done.

                "Listen," the leader began. "I never got the chance to tell you this earlier. The reason why had been sleeping earlier was because I'd been up all through noon and afternoon. I have a surprise for you."

                Singe turned and looked at him, an eyebrow raised.

                "Don't try to buy your forgiveness..." the scientist muttered, still miffed. But his curiosity took the upper hand, and he was bound to ask, "Very well, what is it?"

                "Well, actually it's a bit early..." Lucian went to open the door to the wardrobe and pulled out something clearly large and heavy. Singe just stared. It was a home-made baby carriage!

                "I've been practicing using it," Lucian said, grinning. "Much to the jeering of the others."

                Singe stared on as Lucian waited for a reaction. He started crying again and quickly wiped away his tears. Lucian rushed over, thinking he'd somehow done something wrong.

Singe felt like tearing his hair out. This was really not the "surprise" he'd been expecting! As if the others were making fun of him enough already!

                "Lucian, I don't want this baby..." he sobbed. "I want to be just Singe again... even if they were making fun of me then, I was still fairly normal. Now I'm a FREAK!"

                "You aren't," Lucian reassured, kissing him. "I don't think you are and neither do the others. After all that's happened to us, I don't think the others are having trouble believing all of this." He gave him sincere kisses as he spoke. "I know it's difficult for us to start a family during a war..."

                "I'm still a freak... a freak among freaks..." Singe murmured. "This brings me to think of how I'm actually going to *have* this... baby. Am I supposed to pop the pup out of my ass...?"

                This time, Lucian went quiet. He had no answer to that question. "We'll see when the time comes..." he offered weakly.

                "How's that for scientific progress," Singe said resentfully, and he turned away, seething in frustration and anger. Once again, Lucian felt guilty. After injecting himself with the hybrid blood, he figured having sex with someone wouldn’t hurt. How wrong he was...

                "Singe..." Lucian tried, running out of comforting things to say. Not that they seemed to be working, anyway. "We'll just have to... deal..."

                "I need to pee..." the scientist muttered and started making efforts getting out of the bed. Lucian offered to help him, but Singe brushed his hands off. "Can I urinate alone?" he snapped, slowly making his way to the bathroom. Lucian was devastated as he sat on the bed. He had never considered asking Singe if he truly wanted to keep the baby. He had been so excited that he didn't really ask for the truth. This child was so precious to him, especially now. Centuries ago, when he was with Sonja, and she gave him the news, he was so overjoyed. The death of both her and the unborn child was almost too much for him. He vowed to never let anything happen to this child Singe now carried. But at what price to Singe?

                Being too exhausted to stand up, Singe had to sit down to relieve himself. His head was still sore and buzzing from Lucian's blow earlier, and he suspected that a simple aspirin might not cure it. Just as he was about to get up, he felt a cramp in his belly. Followed by another, and yet one more. Oh, shit... Those were contractions!

                "Lucian... help..." he wheezed.

                Damn it, damn it, damn it, Lucian thought as he carried Singe back to the bed, adrenaline pumping through him. Apparently the time to find out was now.

                "I'll fetch someone to assist," he said, about to leave.

                "No!" A hand grasped his arm. "Don't... leave..." A cramp faded, thankfully. "Don't leave me..."

                Lucian was near panic as he shouted out the door, "somebody help us!"

                "For heaven's sake, Lucian! What's wrong?!" Pierced called as he heard his leader's despaired cries for help.

                "Oh, Pierce... Singe is in labor!" Lucian exclaimed and grabbed Pierce as the other Lycan approached him.

                "Ohh, shit...!" For a few seconds, Pierce could only stare.

                "Do something! Do something!" Lucian was near the point of screaming and it freaked Pierce out. He was left with the impulse to hit him, so he did. Lucian stopped for a moment, blinked, and looked at Pierce again.

                "Thank you," he said calmly. "Now please help us."

                Pierce thought for a moment. "One of us should boil water! They do that in the movies!"

                "Boil water??!" Lucian repeated. "What for?" He was lost. He didn't even know how to deliver a female, yet alone a MALE... In the meantime, Singe was writhing in the bed as yet another cramp began. Pierce moved his gaze between the agonized scientist and Lucian.

                "Maybe we should... cut him?" he suggested, as Singe didn't seem to have any, erm, birth canal for the baby to pass through. Lucian hesitantly nodded. It would most likely be the safest, if not only real way for Singe to deliver the baby.

                "Fine. Go to his lab and find what you think he needs..." Morrigan had once explained very vaguely what females need for home deliveries, but Lucian's mind was blank right now.

                "AGH!" Singe cried out, and Lucian ran to his lover's side. "Oh god, the pain!"

                Pierce ran like the wind, having realized the severity of the situation. Lucian would be counting the seconds until he returned. Singe's face was shiny with sweat and very pale. His grip on Lucian's hand was almost crushing. Singe sure didn't look strong, but...

                "Look on the bright side of it... it'll soon be over!" Lucian said.

                "I hate you."

                Lucian stared in disbelief. That hurt! Surely... it was just the pain talking! Right? Right??

                "Get this thing out of me, you conceited fuck!!"

                By the time Pierce returned, he found Lucian huddled in a corner, looking very devastated, while Singe was by himself, groaning out his pain. All Pierce had brought with him was a scalpel... he didn't know what else they might need. "Ummm... Lucian... I looked for the horse tranquillizers, but I couldn't find 'em... Uhhh..."

                "SOMEONE JUST GET IT OUT OF MEEEEE!!!" By now it felt as if a raging wild beast was inhabiting his insides, and if someone didn't help him, he'd tear the thing out of him by himself!

                Damn, what was it Morrigan had said? Other than Singe, she was the only one who knew anything about surgery... YES! Yes, hot water! Pierce ran into the bathroom and held the blade under the tap.

                "I am now sterilizing the scalpel!" He felt very helpful now.

                "Lucian! Please... come here!" Singe cried.

                Lucian didn't move. "I shouldn't. I'll only make things worse."

                Singe's next plea was interrupted by another mind-numbing contraction, and he cried out like a siren. Soon someone was by his side. However, it was not Lucian, but Pierce, holding a big, shiny scalpel.

                "Okay, doc... I'm gonna cut the cub outta ya now... Try to be still, so I won't accidentally sever your bowels..."

                "Wait!" Singe outstretched his hand. "Lucian, come here before you miss the birth of your child." Cautiously, Lucian stood and approached his lover. He hated hearing the man's cries of pain, they were so heartbreaking.

                "Ohhhhh," Singe moaned. "Please... please, I can't do this..."

                "I'm afraid you have no choice now..." Lucian said sadly and allowed Singe to grasp his hand again. "The baby is coming out, whether you want to or not..." Singe's eyes glazed with horror as Pierce put the scalpel against his skin.

                "I won't live through this...!" he cried out as the blade finally broke through his stretched, delicate skin...

                "Hold him down," Pierce said, as the body beneath him shook in agony. Lucian held Singe's arm as best he could while his lover wailed out, pain-stricken, hand over his stomach.

                "Lucian, I have my hands over it, do you want to do the honors?" Pierce asked. Lucian reddened at the thought, glanced at Singe and finally nodded.  He went to the lycan's side and reached in carefully.

                "Oh heavens," he whispered, "there she is."

                Lucian couldn't believe it. The baby was like every newborn infant in every way except one: she was completely covered in fur! The Lycan leader simply stared at his "daughter" until Singe's weak, taken voice interrupted his thoughts.

                "Ca-can I s-see her...?" he asked.

                Pierce grabbed a blanket from the nearby cabinet and gave to a very eager Lucian. He cradled the pup in the blanket and cleaned off her face to let her breathe. She squalled for a moment, a sure sign she was alive and healthy, and gently eased her down in Singe's trembling arms. Pierce only watched them with his usual big obvious grin. Singe was instantly taken with the fuzzy little face with the most expressive blue eyes ever looking up at him. He touched the pup's little button nose with his finger, but then she suddenly began to cry.

                "Ummm, guys, I think she's hungry..." Pierce said. "And I don't mean she wants a steak..." he added knowingly.

                Singe instantly knew what that meant and he had been nervous about it ever since his chest had become sore in his fourth month. He sighed. "Here goes nothing." He carefully placed her near one of his nipples, wondering how much milk he could even have as his breasts had not really changed.

                "Ohhhh, goodness... that feels interesting," he said as she suckled.

                "OWW!" Singe squeaked when he felt a sudden pain in his nipple. The pup had bitten him!  When he looked into her mouth, he could see that she already had a row of small but very sharp teeth. When the food source was removed, she instantly began to scream again, and Singe saw no choice except let her suckle again.

                "Awww, look... she just wants her mommy!" Pierce squealed. The look on the scientist's face made Pierce suddenly feel three feet shorter. "Uhmmm, I think I'll leave you two alone... you want I should spread the news?"

                "Might as well," Lucian said, hardly paying attention. He was so in love with Singe right now.

                Pierce gave a thumbs up and left. The two heard him outside... "I told you it was a girl, Taylor! Pay up!"

                "Have you thought about names?" Lucian asked as soon as Pierce had left. "I want a Hungarian name..."

                "I don't suppose you thought of any, since you weren't ready for children, but--"

                "Else..." Singe replied, placing a kiss on his daughter's head. Lucian glanced at him.

                "I thought you didn't want this baby."

                "That's right, I didn't, but now that she's here, what choice do I have?" the scientist replied without taking his eyes off his newly arrived offspring. "And I want an Austrian name..."

                Lucian rolled his eyes. "Yes. What else could I chose?" He gazed at their infant as she fell asleep while feeding. "I love you, my liebchen." He and Singe kissed and the scientist slowly smiled.

                "I love you too."

                Suddenly, a flash filled the room, followed by a familiar click. A camera.

                "Say cheese!" a very cheerful Pierce grinned, holding - as they'd guessed - a camera. "I thought you'd want something for your family album!" Since it was a Polaroid camera, the photo was soon in his hand. Pierce yelped as he dodged the scalpel which came at him and left the room, chuckling. Lucian shook his head, grinning.

                "Never cross mutter," he said. Singe smiled, glad he had not reached for something bigger. They both heard small snuffling sounds and discovered that the cub had fallen asleep in Singe's arms. Now that her needs had been sated, she only craved sleep. Suddenly Singe felt something warm and wet running over his chest.

                "Ohhhh..." he groaned "She just pissed at me!"

                "Definitely my daughter," Lucian smirked. Morrigan suddenly entered the room.

                "I heard someone needs sewn up in here," she stated.

                Lucian kissed Singe's forehead, saying, "get some rest yourself; I'll take her for now." Thus, Lucian took his child in his arms and left the room to the patient and physician. As he left the room and entered the crowd, a conglomeration of lycans turned, saw what he held, and cheered.

                After he'd let everyone who wanted to have a peek look at his little fuzz-face, Lucian went out to purchase some things that would be very much needed in the Lycan den for the coming months - diapers, anyway, were a must...

The End

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